Friday, August 29, 2014

Time for the Muscadines! New Vendor at the Horse Farm, Y Bar Farms

Located in Bunkie, Louisiana on what used to be the Tagarina Plantation, the Y Bar Farm is a 40 acre patch of land that is home to Black Angus Cattle, 200 year old pecan trees, and Black Bear Vineyards. Black Bear Vineyards is two acres dedicated to Louisiana's favorite late Summer crop: muscadines.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creole Creamery: New Orleans, LA

My wife says I'm a strait-laced, by the book kind of guy. I've always followed the rules. I've never been in any serious trouble. I've only received one ticket in my life. My parents taught me that everyone received a response of "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am. Yes Sir, No Sir." They still do regardless of age. 

But I do have one vice. One so powerful it brings me to my knees in submission. It is the kryptonite to my Superman. The pit of brooding vipers to my Indiana Jones. The self-doubt to my crippled Cyrano de Bergerac.

Kneads No Introduction: Great Harvest Bread Co. of Acadiana

You may not be able to tell by looking at me now, but I used to be a runner. Because of that I paid close attention to what I ate.

Until race day.

The one thing I looked forward to the most was the post race expo. I knew what booth I would spend most of my time around. Dripping in sweat, muscles burning from lactic acid I would always find my way to the Great Harvest Bread Company of Acadiana tent and eat my weight in bread and pastry samples. I hated being "that guy" eating all the free samples, but their breads and treats were just so addictive.

Sad to say I eventually stopped distance running. That also meant that I stopped having my post race tradition. It wasn't until recently that I stepped foot into this marvelous bakery, and I already want to go back for more confections, chai, and conversation. I don't normally write about chain restaurants, but this one just doesn't feel corporate or cold.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dine on the Bayou: The Little Big Cup

Nestled on Bayou Fuselier, The Little Big Cup reflects the culture of Arnaudville to the fullest. Known as a haven for artists and musicians from around the world, the charm of the city is felt from the moment you arrive.

Friday, August 15, 2014

St. James Cheese Company: New Orleans, LA

Most of the world's problems could likely be settled with cheese. There is something about it that makes everything better. Sandwiches taste better, pizza can't exist without it, and even the greenest of vegetables dipped in a bubbling pot of it become edible. Cheese is magic. It is addictive. It is a drug.
No. It really is!

Excuse me while I channel my inner Alton Brown.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peaches, Popsicles & Tamales: Farmer's Market Finds at 3 Horse Farm Hotspots

Being a Lafayette Farmer's Market regular I often find myself visiting the same vendors and buying the same local fare:

WesMar Farms for milk and cheese.

Bread & Circus for curry ketchup or belly bacon.

Inglewood Farms for okra and peppers.

This past week I challenged myself to stretch my boundaries and discover three vendors that I hadn't visited before. I hoped to find some hidden gems and I was not disappointed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

La Petite Grocery: New Orleans, LA

We weren’t entirely sure what we were in store for when we crossed the bustling intersection of Magazine Street and General Pershing in New Orleans. It was our first visit to La Petite Grocery. We had done our research on Executive Chef Justin Devillier and studied the menu the night before. I secretly expected a grand foyer lined with white gloved workers standing at attention. I was worried I had underdressed and would have to wear the restaurant's jacket for gentlemen who don't meet the dress code. I was pleasently surprised when I saw the quaint yellow building on the corner. We walked in to a warm and inviting building that was flooded with charm.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Something to Crow About: Fried Chicken at the Circus

If you are a chicken living within a 50 mile radius of Bendel Rd, you are a marked piece of poultry. Simply put, Chef Manny Augello has put a price on your head and countless restaurant patrons are willing to pay whatever it takes. I know I am.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Novel Take on Crêpes: Astra Modern Market

In his correspondence with editors and autographs to fans, the great American writer John Steinbeck often drew a mythological winged pig dubbed the Pigasus. Accompanying the doodle was the Latin phrase “Ad astra per alas porci.”

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pharewell to Oysters

Things change. It is an inevitable part of life. Especially in the culinary world if you don’t adapt, you die. Phares’ Oysters-Seafood & Steaks, a staple of Lafayette cuisine, has outlasted neighboring competitors for many years. Now with its newly announced changes, Phares’ is primed to excite you with small plates that pack huge flavor. Say Pharewell to the old and hello to the new Phares’ Kitchen.