Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday 5: Collin Cormier of Pop's Poboys & Swamp Pop

From his revolutionary food truck, Viva La Waffle, to his deliciously addictive beverage, Swamp Pop, to his new poboy venture, Pop's Poboys, Chef Collin Cormier is arguably one of the busiest men in Lafayette. In this week's Friday 5, he slows down enough to fill us in on some of his Lafayette favorites.

1. Eating on the Cheap - La Pagua Mexican Restaurant has great food and the prices leave plenty left over for margaritas. The Pupusas (I like pork and cheese), tacos (I like al pastor and lengua), and tortas are all awesome and super inexpensive. Even the salsa and chips are good here. 

2. Best Boudin - This is a two headed monster. For boudin related items you gotta go with the pepper jack stuffed boudin balls and roll-ups at Billy's. For straight up linked boudin, I'll give the nod to Johnson's Boucanière. A touch spicier than most which I like; and there is just something special when Mr. Wallace wraps it up for you. 

3. Best King Cake - I've always loved Keller's King Cake. Somehow I missed the turtle style all this time until this year. I could easily take one down by myself if my wife would let me. This thing is good y'all. 

4. Hole in the Wall - Poseidon's Greek Restaurant has consistently turned out the best Greek food in the city for years. Their gyros and spanakopita have fueled me and many others through many Festival International de Louisiane, but a lot of people still haven't been to their location. Great food and great conversation if Aristos is holding court in the bar. 

5. Introducing Lafayette to Out of Towners - The French Press is a must if you are introducing Lafayette to out of town guests. Perfect mix of approachable choices and more adventurous dishes, something for everyone all perfectly executed in a great relaxed setting.

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