Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday 5: Bob Carriker of

Not only is Dr. Bob Carriker the designer of the Boudin Kingcake, he is also the namesake of the Parrain Special at Johnson's Boucanière and the organizer of the Boudin-Cookoff. Not bad for a transplant from Spokane, Washington. Check out this week's Friday 5 to see what he eats when he isn't grabbing a link.

1. Guilty Pleasure – The Fried Chicken (on Wednesdays) for lunch at Bread and Circus Provisions is delicious and the PCP Home Fries are practically the definition of a guilty pleasure . . . well, a culinary guilty pleasure at least.

2. Eating on the CheapThe Villager’s Café in Maurice has some of the best po-boys and fries around. And, they have a special, Monday through Thursday, which knocks the price of a whole sandwich down to levels where you feel like you’re getting away with something.

3. Introducing Lafayette to Out of Towners – The sausage and meat stuffed bread at the Creole Lunch House is a classic and eating here offers a real insight to Lafayette. Insiders know to request little bowl of gravy for dipping. It is simple, super low-key, and satisfying.

4. Hole in the WallPatacon Latin Cuisine is tiny and serves delicious, homemade, and genuine Arepas (stuffed corn meal patties), Patacones (green plantain sandwiches), and Empanadas (Latin American meat pies – try the Pabellon). Seriously tasty stuff here!

5. Family Dining – Most of my dining is family dining and we frequently find ourselves heading back to ACME Taco. The kids enjoy the flaming queso and we usually return home with a generous portion of their delicious salsa. My go-to dish is the chop chop salad with all of its great textures and flavors.

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