Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday 5: Megan Bently of Bread & Circus Provisions

You'll want to lace up your Bowerman Waffle Trainers and race over to all of the choices of this week's Friday 5: Megan Bently, transplant from 'Track City' (Eugene, OR). 

1. Introducing Lafayette to Out of Towners - One of the first places I visited when I came to Lafayette was Jefferson Island. I love the gardens, the history of the house and the island. Such a beautiful place to spend the day. It has remained one of my favorite places to take people who come to visit. 

2. Best Boudin - It's funny how everyone has their "Secret" spot for the BEST boudin. But my favorite is no secret! It's hands down Johnson's Boucani√®re

3. Special Occasions - One of my favorites is Social Southern Table & Bar. I love the casual environment, the drink list, the friendly, familiar faces and the service is always top notch! Not to mention those Chicken Fried Green Tomatoes! 

4. Eating on the Cheap - Pho Saigon. Two bowls of Pho and a Bahn Mi and you're stuffed for no more than $20!

5. Hole in the Wall - This is a tough one but I would have to say Suire's Grocery out in Kaplan. They have great down home food you would expect to be eating at your Granny's house. I suggest the Turtle Sauce Piqante. And you must try the fresh baked goodies. My favorite is the Heavenly Hash. It's a super moist Brownie topped with Rocky Road type deliciousness! Do it! 

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