Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday 5: Anne Falgout of Anne Can Cook

Anne Falgout serves as President of the705. Oh! She's also a Community Blogger/Citizen Member of the Editorial Board at The Daily Advertiser. When she's not doing that, she acts as Co-Chair of Lafayette Junior Leadership. She wears many hats (and the occassional apron) all while running her Facebook page, Anne Can Cook.

1. Guilty pleasure- Well, my favorite thing in the world is brunch. It’s the only socially-acceptable time where someone can put alcohol in their fruit or vegetable juice and call it “normal.” Add to that the use of eggs and I’m sold! Bread & Circus has answered all of my prayers by serving brunch on Saturday morning, one of a few places in town that do. Manny and his team always put together the most delightfully-bizarre combinations that appeal to both my gastro and cerebral appetites. And I’m not alone! It’s not uncommon for me to dine alongside some of Lafayette’s most renowned chefs who love to dine here after a busy Friday night. Try a Bounut (boudin donut), Forgotten Breakfast (hogshead cheese and grits), PCP Fries (potatoes and pastrami) or…you know what? Just order everything and top it off with a Bloody Mary, everything – including the cracklin’ on top – is made in house. YUM! (And that cute little dishwasher in the back is my daughter Emma, eat everything so she doesn’t have to work so hard.)

2. Eating on the Cheap- Athena Greek & Lebanese Express in the Citgo station on Kaliste Saloom is my go-to place for deliciously inexpensive food. My favorite thing is to go in on a Thursday or Friday evening and grab the Sample Plate for Two. It’s packed with gyro meat and chicken, Grecian dip, hummus, grape leaves, kibby, and salad. I eat off of it the entire weekend and still usually have some left over. Coming in right under $20 bucks it may seem too pricey for “eating on the cheap”, but it’ll easily feed a family of four or a couple of really hungry adults. Either way, it’s a steal!

3. Neighborhood Hangout- Before it was in its new location, La Pagua was our hidden neighborhood treasure. Nestled behind the Baskin & Robbins on Johnston Street, this little family-owned restaurant was the only place in town to find authentic street tacos and chilaquiles (think soggy nachos, but much better haha). Now, they’ve moved to Time Plaza, but you’ll still find the neighborhood folk (basically everyone that lives between Camellia and Ambassador Caffery) packing the place and enjoying the amazing margaritas or sizzling fajitas. Don’t expect to find a ton of melted-cheese-laden Tex-Mex dishes here, the menu is instead accented with fresh Mexican entrees, spicy sauces, raw onion and cilantro.

4. Family Dining- Kids love to dine out, but the options can be pretty limited. Pricey menus and “funny textures” sometimes prevent families from enjoying a night out on the town. But one thing always saves the day, pizza. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Pizza?! Come on Anne.” But hear me out! Tons of places around town are offering kid-friendly pizza options WITH a big variety of other dishes for mom and dad, too. Alesi’s, Deano’s, and Pizza Artista are some of our favorites, but Ruffino’s also does a fun make-your-own-pizza special for kids and La Pizzeria offers a patio on which the hooligans can dispose of their energy – don’t judge me. Added bonus? All these places serve alcohol.

5. Late Night Hangout- Legend’s Annex not only has a killer patio, perfect for post-DTA gathering, but it also boasts a tasty menu. While the battle of the burger will always rage on in Lafayette, no one can argue that the variety and consistency of Legend’s burgers makes them a serious contender for the title. If you don’t want beef give the chicken quesadilla a try. And I’ve yet to find better seared tuna than the one you get inside of a Legend’s wrap…seriously. The quality and taste of this bar food rivals many traditional restaurants, and did I mention their margaritas? Phew!

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