Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday 5: Hannah Ellaham of BiBi's Patisserie

Get to know Hannah Ellaham in this week's Friday 5. This gluten-free guru has been whipping up mouth watering treats on Pinhook for the past few years. Specializing in dietary restrictions, BiBi's offers 1000+ recipes and flavor combinations to cure your sweet tooth.

1. Late Night Hangout- Hands Down, Bread & Circus Provisions! Manny and his brilliant crew puts together an incredible variety of one of a kind food every Saturday night. Between the imaginative themed dinners to the boozy milkshakes, every late night diner is sure to leave full and satisfied!

2. Introducing Lafayette to Out of Towners- Dark Roux. From the inventive and knowledgeable chefs down to the locally sourced ingredients, these guys know Louisiana. At the forefront of the new wave Lafayette foodie movement, Dark Roux provides traditional dishes with a flair. For me, this is a MUST stop when I am showing out of towners a good time.

3. Date Night- If you are anything like me, a stiff dinner for two does not make for a good time. I think that is why Saint Street Inn is one of my favorite choices. The small, but absolutely quaint dinning room is always filled with good conversation and even better food. One of two all female staffed kitchens in Lafayette, the beautiful and talented ladies of Saint Street Inn provide a meal that you wont forget served with a smile.

4. Specialty Cocktails- SOCIAL!!! Social Southern Table & Bar's excellent selection of barrel aged spirits and their unique infusions keep me coming back for more. The inspired bartenders at Social are always working on a new concoction to blow your mind. If that wasn't enough, you are surrounded by a comfortable industrial/modern styled restaurant that creates magic in the kitchen.

5. Neighborhood Hangout- As a coffee and pastry enthusiast, not to mention the obvious affiliation, my favorite spot is Reve Coffee Roasters/Bibi's Patisserie. The coffee from Reve is roasted fresh every day and you can taste the quality and love that these gentlemen serve up in a cup, with a side of latte artwork. If your looking for artisianally crafted coffee you have arrived at your destination. Then, we take it a step further and add pastries provided by Bibi's Patisserie. Every creation is made 100% from scratch from grinding the flour to making extracts, this female run kitchen bakes love daily.

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