Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday 5: Katie Culbert of Runaway Dish

Runaway Dish has been documenting South Louisiana foodways and supporting the local culinary community since 2013. In this week's Friday 5, we get to know one of the people responsible for its success, Katie Culbert.

1. Introducing Acadiana to Out of Towners - ABBEVILLE OYSTERS & CAJUN CLAWS.
A trip to Abbeville is my favorite food field trip. One, because Abbeville has THREE oyster bars. And two, because it has Cajun Claws. A dozen oysters and a cocktail at Black’s, Dupuy’s, or Shuck’s (all fab in their own right). Then on to Cajun Claws for the fried shrimp appetizer in the bar or at the table and of course boiled crawfish. I like mine extra spicy with onions, and I always encourage everyone at the table to go for extra spicy. I mean do you want to have an outer body experience or what? Extra spicy or not, your out of town guests will die and go to crawfish heaven. I still do every time.

2. Date (Night) Morning - SATURDAY FARMERS MARKETS
My husband Denny and I spend a few hours every Saturday morning at both the Hub City Farmer’s Market and the Farmer’s Market at the Horse Farm. We get everything. Vegetables, kombucha, sausage, lamb, eggs, bread, pecan oil, and a coffee or fresh juice for the road. Shopping for the freshest and purest and most delicious food you can possibly get with the one you love is pretty HOTT in my opinion.

3. Late Night Hangout - BROWN’S
I never thought I could love a pork steak sandwich as much as I love Brown’s pork steak sandwich. Next time you find yourself hanging around the Blue Moon or Feed N Seed for a Soul Creole show or Lost Bayou Ramblers show, chances are Brown will be there manning his massive pit he drives in on a flatbed from Cottonport. At 2am, there is absolutely nothing better. And I swear that’s not the gin talking.

4. Favorite Dessert - SOCIAL SOUTHERN TABLE & BAR
One of the most ambitious and off the chain food things happening in Lafayette right now is pastry chef Brittany Waters’ dessert menu at Social. Just go. She changes the menu monthly. Monthly! So you will have to go next month too. And the month after that. And then it will just be habit. Yes, make dessert at Social a habit.

My face would turn into the emoji with the squinty eyes, smile, and rosy cheeks when I would think of Whole Wheatery Eatery’s chicken salad sandwich or tuna salad sandwich or pimento cheese sandwich. I knew that each sandwich was made with love. The way they added that thin layer of sprouts. The way they cut it in half. The neatly wrapped foil package they'd give you. It was the sweetest little sandwich ever. RIP Whole Wheatery Eatery. You are missed.

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