Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday 5: Megan Wyatt

You may recognize her as the Entertainment Reporter from The Daily Advertiser. What you may not know is that this week's Friday 5 industry insider is also the Queen of Grub City. Get to know fellow food writer Meagn Wyatt.

1. Hole in the Wall- D&D Donuts and Kolaches. Located at the edge of the UL campus inside of the Chevron gas station at the corner of University and Pinhook, you'd never guess that this spot has the most incredible sausage and cheese kolaches. I stumbled across D&D a few years ago when almost every other kolache spot in town was closed for the July 4th weekend, and I'm glad I did. D&D is also a spinoff of Meche's Donut King, so you'll find that the doughnuts are quite familiar.

2. Best Boudin- My favorite road trip spot is T-Boy's Slaughterhouse, which has locations in Mamou and Eunice. My favorite Lafayette Parish spot is Nunu's Fresh Market in Youngsville. What I like about both places is the spice level (pretty hot but not overwhelming), the meat-to-rice-to-liver ratio, the presence of green onion and the lack of gristle. Boudin is a favorite Saturday lunch for sure!

3. Guilty Pleasure- Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza topped with pepperoni and jalapeños. There's just something about that crust and the weird tasting cheese inside of it that transports me back to the slumber party nights of my childhood. Do I feel guilty eating this chain restaurant's overpriced, unhealthy pizza? You betcha. It's a guilty pleasure for a reason!

4. Date Night- My fiancé and I don't have a single go-to spot. We both love trying new restaurants, so we can almost always be found dining at a local restaurant on the weekends. If I had to pick a date-night spot that has everything from the food and cocktails to the service and ambiance down to a science though, it would be Pamplona Tapas Bar. Dimly lit and intimate, this downtown spot offers everything from escargot and sweetbreads to ribeye and gouda mac. I've never left disappointed!

5. Favorite Dessert- There are so many amazing dessert options at local restaurants, and so often those options are rotated out before I get a chance to taste them. The one dessert that always comes to mind when I'm thinking of a consistent menu item is the cream cheese ice cream at Antoni's Italian Cafe. This quaint Oil Center restaurant serves up this rich-yet-balanced ice cream with a tart raspberry sauce and an airy cookie wafer. My mom and I will occasionally drop by Antoni's just for the ice cream!

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