Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday 5: Brittany Waters of Social Southern Table and Bar

You know those irresistible desserts that come out of the kitchen of Social Southern Table & Bar? Well, Brittany Waters is the reason for your sweet tooth. In this week's Friday 5 we chat with the Pittsburgh, PA Pastry Chef and cover her local favorites. 

1. Best Boudin - Earl's Cajun Market 
So Earls is a sweet little grocery and meat market. It's close to our house so it's an easy place to go and pick up some great meats for the grill. Their boudin is some of the best I've had in Lafayette. It's perfectly spiced and delicious. My kids love it as much as I do! I even use it to stuff my Boudin Kolaches at Social

2. Introducing Lafayette to out of Towners - Olde Tyme Grocery
My entire family lives in Pittsburgh, PA. When they come visit they always want a good po'boy. Olde Tyme Grocery is the place. Not only is it delicious but in a perfect part of town. We always stick to the basics with a shrimp or a roast beef and a root beer. After you eat you can head over to Cypress Lake to show them the alligators on campus. Always exciting for a bunch of Yankees.

3. Hole in the Wall - Fuji Sushi 
Ok, we've been looking for great sushi since we moved to Lafayette almost 4 years ago. This place is it! It's about 25 seats and the staff is super friendly. The sushi is amazing and the chef's knife skills are something to talk about. Each plate was expertly garnished with beautiful carved vegetables. Once you go here you won't want to go any where else. 

4. Family Dining - La Pagua
This place doubles as great family dining as well as my guilty pleasure. I honestly can't get enough of a good margarita and endless chips and salsa.  My girls always clear their plates and are happy to do so. We get out of there in a reasonable amount of time for an equally reasonable price. Win-Win!

5. Specialty Cocktails - Social Southern Table & Bar
I may be a little partial but I'm telling you I can drink every specialty cocktail on our menu. You can never, and I mean never, go wrong with the barrel-aged Old Fashion.  The Satsuma Sling is another one of my favorites. It's refreshing and easy drinking. The best part is it doesn't matter who's working behind the bar, the drinks are always consistent and delicious.

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