Thursday, October 23, 2014

Talkin' Bout a Taco Revolution: Urbano's Taqueria

Ricardo Valerio is no stranger to hard work. He journeyed to America from Honduras at a young age and worked in restaurants across the country. Starting as a dishwasher, Ricardo proved himself and was given one tabletop to wait. His charm and smile not only won over customers but the owners of the establishment. Soon he was given another table. Then another. Before he knew it, he was in charge of an entire section. Quickly making his way up the ladder, Ricardo was told that, due to being an immigrant, his dreams of success would not come to pass. Not deterred, Ricardo emptied his bank account and decided to start the restaurant HE wanted to run; a place that offered fresh food in a casual setting. Before making his move to Florida, he called his father to give him the news. His dad, an alum of USL, was happy for his son but gave him one piece of advice.

"If you can't make it in Lafayette, you can't make it anywhere!"

Ricardo accepted the challenge.

"Honduras"  literally translates as "depths" in Spanish. One look at the menu at Urbano's Taqueria and the depth that is ingrained in Ricardo's DNA shows. With a concept of mixing cuisines spanning the globe inside a tortilla, Urbano's elevates the simple tortilla and breaks the taco pigeonholed you may associate it with. It's not just Mexican; it's Mesoamerican, Caribbean and beyond. The menu totes 26 original tacos; each with its own flavors and nuances. Ricardo has 98 total working taco recipes that he introduces occasionally as specials, so make sure to ask what isn't on the menu but can be done.

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