Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 5: Paul Kieu of The Daily Advertiser

Photo by Tyler Kaufman 
Find yourself enjoying the photos in The Daily Advertiser in print and online? If so, you are seeing the handiwork of staff photojournalist, Paul Kieu. From news, to sports-to food and culture, the live music enthusiast does not consider himself a foodie; although he does make a mean Steen's syrup and sriracha dipping sauce for his homemade boudin egg-rolls.

"I just like pretty pictures, bold flavors, and a good time over food and drinks with friends and strangers. It's in my Vietnamese-American, adopted Cajun blood."

Check out his picks, with a little lagniappe, for local eateries and be sure to follow him on all forms of social media: @paulvkieu

1. Guilty Pleasure- Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits: 1300 W. Pinhook Road. I almost don’t want to list it as a “guilty” pleasure, but the Popeye’s buffet at College & Pinhook always gets me. It’s super cheap, and it’s very easy to leave in equal parts shame and satisfaction. I really love this place, and the fact that (based on my limited Googling) it’s quite possibly the only one that exists in the country is special to me. The best hangover spot. Be sure to ask at the counter for fries…They don’t stock them on the buffet, but if you’re nice about it they might help you out.

2. Neighborhood Hangout- The Saint Street Inn: 407 Brook Ave. SSI is my obvious winner here. Aside from their constantly fresh and changing menu, I really enjoy both the vibe of the restaurant and the staff there. I’ve become a part of the Thursday regular crowd that converges there. I can’t pinpoint a single dish that I’ve loved there, but I also can’t say that I’ve disliked anything that I’ve eaten there.

3. Introducing Lafayette to Out of TownersThe French Press: 214 E. Vermilion. The French Press is generally my go-to when I’m showing my friends what I love about Lafayette food.  I’m a huge fan of nearly the entire breakfast/brunch menu, and a FP mimosa usually hits the spot right after a late night of partying with out-of-towners. Grits and Grillades is my personal favorite.
  • Honorable mention- Pop’s Po-Boys: 740 Jefferson St.This restaurant is still very young, but I think they’re proving to be a big hit with my friend Collin Cormier and his talented team putting their own spin on classics. Try the hush puppies with the cane syrup butter.

4. Late Night Hangout- Bread & Circus Provisions: 258 Bendel Road. B&C's late nights are something I don’t have the opportunity to get out to very often, but I have always been blown away when I go there in the middle of a Saturday night. Cheap alcohol, affordable plates, and generous portions go well with a night out. Manny Augello and his squad always seem happy to serve late nighters, and their unique menu provides some much-needed relief from the normal diner fare in town after 10PM.

5. Best BoudinMy personal favorite is NuNu’s (Milton, Youngsville, and Maurice), and I feel that it doesn’t quite get the love that it deserves. I think they get the perfect blend of meat, liver, and rice into their blend, and whatever they’re doing to season it does the job for me. I often buy a few packs links to make boudin egg rolls with my mom, and I’ve been toying around with a dipping sauce recipe with Steen’s syrup and sriracha as the base ingredients.
Photo by Chris Parent. LSU Athletics

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