Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get your first Nitro buzz at Rêve's new Downtown Lafayette location

The biggest buzz in brewed beans since butter, Nitro Coffee, a method of infusing nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide under high pressure into cold brewed coffee has officially staked its claim as THE newest and hippest way to drink the black, bitter beverage that is part of our morning; and for some of us, hourly routines. Nitro, the latest in a craze of coffee modifications (previous trends include butter coffee, cold brew and tonic water) was first made popular by artisan roasters Cuvée and Stumptown. Now, Lafayette's own Rêve Coffee, officially opened in their new location at 200A Jefferson Street, are bringing Nitro Coffee to the downtown region. The coffee, featured on tap, is smooth and rich. The infusion of nitrogen causes the coffee to have a foamy head similar to its brother from another brew mother; beer. Chocolaty and smooth while being effervescent and slightly sweet, you'll wish the cold bubbly glass would never empty. If you're anything like me, you're sure to find yourself a bar fly hooked on the newest brew on tap- Nitro.

Nitro Coffee & Pumpkin Spice Scone

While sipping on a glass of nitro, or any drink at Rêve, give their new menu a try. Cafe items include BLTs featuring belly bacon from Bread & Circus Provisions on Great Harvest Honey Wheat. The breakfast crowd will want to check out the egg and sausage Tornado. The cone shaped portable sandwich (for lack of a better word) is filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and Johnson's Boucanière smoked sausage and is topped with an orange-maple glaze. Those with a sweet tooth won't be disappointed either. Hannah Ellaham from Mortal and Pestle supplies all the baked goods at Rêve; Lafayette's only local roaster.

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