Monday, September 14, 2015

Plate Lunch Tour Goes Healthy: Sandra's Cafe & Health Food Store

Who says that plate lunches have to be unhealthy? South Louisianans looking for an alternative to all things fried and buttered can look no further for a healthy, fresh lunch on-the-go. Sandra's Cafe and Health Food Store, long known for their health care products, also offer daily lunch specials that feature local, fresh ingredients. These plate lunches, with options as regional as shrimp and grits or as exotic as chicken shawarma and tabbouleh, are packed with flavor while still being perfect for people minding their weight or just looking to eat a little healthier. Friday is one of my favorites because you can get a hearty serving of shrimp fajitas and choice of a side. Dine in or get your plate to-go. Visit them on Facebook to view the daily specials.

Sandra's Cafe & Health Food Store
111-C Rena Dr.
Lafayette, LA


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