Monday, November 30, 2015

Hook & Boil (Now with a Bar!) Reopens Monday, Dec. 7th!

Hook and Boil has had one heck of a year. The seafood-centric restaurant, located in a prime location just off of Hwy. 90 in Broussard, made a name for itself when it opened in January 2014 due in part to the monstrous crustaceans that all Louisianians love. 

That success is aiding in the expansion of the dining area of Hook and Boil. The need for a greater seating capacity and revised menu also means the addition of a full bar, something that Hook & Boil doesn't currently have. 

"Most of our customers are fine with just beer, but the more refined the menu, the more refined the drinks." Heather Girouard, General Manager of Hook and Boil.

Patrons will find new cocktails soon added to Hook & Boil's regular menu. Along with beer and cocktail flights, Hook & Boil plans to include a "Build Your Own Bloody Mary" menu to the drink selections with options as Cajun as a cracklin-laced rim. 

Chef Colt Patin, who as an instructor at Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge personally trained Hook & Boil owner Mark Alleman, is excited to bring his take on Louisiana cuisine to the diners of Acadiana. Staying true to his roots, Patin highlights the agriculture and aquaculture that make this area great, and he takes pride in the effort put into each dish. 

"We made 60 pounds of boudin this morning. We definitely broke in our new grinder!" 

The in-house boudin can be found in multiple dishes, but it is the star in the Mini Boudin Eggrolls. The boudin, which has the perfect blend of spices, doesn't overpower you with heat like most boudin you find that is in casings. The Casian (Cajun/Asian fusion) appetizer won't last long once it hits the table. 

The folks at Hook & Boil didn't have to drive far to source one of the main ingredients for their Shrimp Acadian. The fried shrimp are beer battered in none other than Broussard's own Parish Brewery Canebreak. The shrimp are topped with Hook sauce, a proprietary potion similar in flavor to boiled crawfish dip. 

Oysters Rockefeller Not on a Half Shell is a must for any fan of the bivalve. Served on a soft slice of bread and resting in a spinach cream sauce, Hook & Boil's take on the classic is Louisiana comfort food. Don't worry, Purist! You can get them on the half shell as well. 

Other great and favorite menu items include the Crawfish Nachos with homemade tortilla chips, Crab Cake Cecilia and Seafood Bisque. 

Two of the newest entrees on the menu will whet the appetite of carnivores and pescatarians alike. 

Can't get enough of Hook & Boil's house made boudin? Find it in the Boudin Stuffed Chicken Breast. Served with corn maque choux and an andouille cream sauce, the stuffed chicken also features Hook & Boil's own tasso. 

The fresh Grilled Red Fish is light and delicate. The perfectly seasoned fish is complimented by the same spinach cream sauce found on the Rockefeller and with crawfish boil potatoes. 

For dessert you will find one of Hook & Boil's mainstays, White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce. Though a newer dessert holds a special place in Chef Colt Patin's heart. 

"This is my Grandmother's Syrup Cake recipe. I begged her for years to give it to me. One day, she finally threw a can of Steen's at me and told me to read the side. And there was the recipe she used!" 

The syrup cake tastes like home. Like my grandmother used to make. Like Chef Patin's grandmother used to make. Like many Cajun grandmothers used to make. 

"I want it to be special so it may not be on the menu all the time, but when it know it'll be good!"

Hook and Boil, with their commitment to local, fresh ingredients, are one of many restaurants embracing what I call a Cajun Renaissance. This return to real food and flavors is evident in everything that comes out of the kitchen in Broussard and their growth is proof. Stop by and try their fall menu which began the week of September 28th. Visit them on Facebook or their website for more information. 

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