Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday 5: Mark Whitney of Reve Coffee Roasters

Mark Whitney is a SCAA/BGA Level 1 Certified barista at Downtown Lafayette's Reve Coffee Roasters. What that means to laymen like you and me is that the man makes a mean cuppa Joe! The St. Martinville native is all for spreading the java joy around town.

"We are hosting a latté art competition coming up on December 10. It'll be at Reve and it's the first one that Lafayette has ever hosted. It's free to attend, $5 to compete in, and hopefully we'll be starting to have them monthly at different cafés around town."

Check out his choices for wining and dining in the Hub City.

1. Guilty Pleasure - Plate lunches. Specifically, Laura's II. I'm from St. Martinville, where every gas station and restaurant serves up a mean plate lunch. Laura's is like a slice of home served by really sweet ladies. And their rice dressing? Still some of the best I've ever had. Especially covered in gravy.

2. Eating on The Cheap - Black Café. Tre and his crew serve up a ridiculously good hamburger on the cheap. And, their scotch eggs? Awesome.

3. Neighborhood Hangout - This is a hard one. If we're talking my neighborhood? It's Saint Street Inn. Awesome food, great drinks, amazing staff. If we're talking Lafayette's neighborhood? Bread & Circus. Their late night is still an incredibly fun thing to be a part of - and the food they serve is typically weird and wonderful.

4. Date Night - My favorite date I've ever taken someone on was getting takeout from Johnson's Boucaniere and bringing it to Lake Martin for a picnic. It's quiet, it's spacious, it's beautiful. There's nothing better than a bit of boudin along the water.

5. Introducing Lafayette to Out of Towner - If I want to impress? It's Social Southern Table & Bar. They have one of the best menus in town (and some of the best drink choices). The service is always great, the food is always on point, and it's not incredibly expensive.

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