Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday 5: Chef Jason Huguet of Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant

We travel to St. Landry Parish this week and check out the picks of Chef/Owner Jason Huguet from the Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant.  A lot has happened for Chef Huguet since he started at Steamboat as a dishwasher/busboy. He has worked his way up the ladder, officially becoming owner on June 28th 2006. He graduated from The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute in 2000, worked with chefs such as Chef John Folse himself and was an intern under Chef Paul Prudhomme. He has won numerous medals over the years in local cooking competitions and was voted “Best Chef” in ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14 & 2015 in the Daily World’s Best of the Best, and knows a thing or two about good food.

1. Best Boudin – We all know that there are many places in Acadiana that have great boudin.  Don’s Specialty Meats, Best Stop, places like these quickly come to mind.  But, I have to say that my favorite boudin is probably from Billy’s Boudin.  There are 3 locations…… Krotz Springs, Opelousas, and their newest location in Scott, LA.  My favorite way to eat their boudin is to go and buy a cold 5 lb box and put it on the grill.  You have to do this very carefully, as the boudin will want to split open if you are not careful.  But, the end result if done properly gives you the boudin goodness inside with a little smokiness, but the casing becomes crispy.  Soooooo good!

2. Special Occasions – Although this is probably not the right category for me to put this one in because I never need a special occasion for this place, but either way, I would have to say Tsunami in Lafayette. This place is by far my favorite restaurant in Lafayette.  The atmosphere is perfect, and the sushi is amazing.  I suggest the Tiger Tail Roll to any of those who have never tried it, it is probably the best roll I have ever eaten anywhere.

3. Guilty Pleasure – I would have to say that I have a few for this category.  The first spot on this list comes from Soileau’s Dinner Club, located in Opelousas, LA.  This place has been open since 1937. They have a Fried Chicken Dinner that is the best, probably in the top 3 best fried chicken I have ever eaten.  They give you a HALF chicken for like $10 with trimmings, craziness.  I have been eating this fried chicken since I was a kid.  My grandparents would get it for me when I would stay at their house on weekends.  They also have one of the best Fried Oyster Po-Boys.  I have been known to go and get one 2 days in a row because they are that good.  The second place on this list is The Crawfish Sack, aka Richard Mobile’s.  Boiled crawfish is one of my absolute favorite foods to eat and when they are in season, this is my go to spot.  They are located on Saizan St. in Port Barre, LA.

4. Specialty Cocktails – Of course I believe that we here at the Steamboat Warehouse have some of the best specialty cocktail concoctions in Acadiana, but when its time to get away and go have someone else’s, we go to The Tavern in Opelousas.  This is a nice place and the bartender there is always mixing up some new and exciting specialties.  She is also a former bartender of ours here at the restaurant so I know her skills first hand.  Can’t go wrong with anything she mixes up.

5. Hole In The Wall – I hate to use this label for this place, as it is not looked upon by anyone as a true hole in the wall, however, Back In Time is a must try if you have never been.  It is a very unique, cozy & quaint little place located downtown Opelousas.  They only thing that makes this place fit into this category is its size.  It is in the courthouse square & caters mostly to those looking for a great lunch that won’t break the bank.  Owner Wanda Juneau makes some of the greatest sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts you will ever dine on.  The atmosphere at this place just tops it off.   The ‘Grapes of Wrath’ is probably the best salad I have ever eaten, hands down.  Just a suggestion, ask for the Fig Sandwich if you ever make it there, delish!


  1. He is an amazing chef. I met him back when we had to go for a dinner there. Just like being professional in his field he is a great person in real life. I think that's why he is such successful.

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