Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday 5: Jenny Eason of Mortar & Pestle

Photo: Sara Yongue

A gluten-free, sugar-free & allergen friendly establishment cranking out tasty meals and treats? That place is Mortar & Pestle and that is where you're going to find the guest of this week's Friday 5, Jenny Eason. With great choices from late night munchies to dining solo, Jenny has all the bases covered.

1. Late Night- When I want to eat good food for cheap and late on a Saturday night, Bread & Circus Provisions, without a doubt, is where I turn. Manny Augello and his crew are a great time, with lots of fun and energy to bring to the counter. The things Manny does with the craziest food ideas is simply genius. Also, Rosi Augello's specialty drinks are phenomenal. If you are around for a "Bob's Burgers Late Nite," I suggest it highly.

2. Eating on the Cheap- La Morenita may be across town, but it is definitely worth the drive for the environment, and some incredible tacos. It brings the taco game to a new level. It’s the real deal meat market (with great deals, might I add), and real authentic Mexican food.

3. Hole in the Wall- Talk about great food with great ideas! Patacon is just off of Bertrand. I had never experienced Latin food before I went here, but everytime I eat here, it is like a mini vacation in my mouth. The flavors and textures of the food are so unique and enjoyable. The rice pudding is one of my favorites.

4. Neighborhood Hangout- One of my favorite places I've traveled to is Italy, and it's just like going back there every time I visit Carpe Diem. It has this unique European environment, not to mention the piano out front to put a smile on your face. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and the Silvia Bertolazzi’s gelato there is the real thing; this is what gelato is supposed to taste like.

5. Dining Solo- Though it may sound a little biased to some, Mortar & Pestle truly is the place to go when dining solo. Come in, sit down, and do your work while drinking a specialty coffee from Reve and eat delicious food. The things that Hannah Ellaham can do with gluten free items is ridiculous. The new menu that rolled out for our grand opening is something I would highly recommend. If you are looking for some amazing, healthy, raw food Emerge also has their new breakfast and lunch menus. After filling your belly with some hearty food,you can also enjoy the selection of desserts.

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