Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blaze Pizza: Home of the Build Your Own 180 Second Pizza

The Green Stripe
"Welcome to Blaze!" is the first thing you hear when you walk in. I don't know which fast casual food joint was first to enlist that welcoming concept but it's surely caught on.

The cheery staff at Blaze Pizza Lafayette will greet you loudly with smiling faces. They will ask you how your day is going, will make eye contact, and will do so as genuinely as possible.

We got in line and quickly skimmed the menu. We opted for signature pizzas because those always deserve a shot. Much like Pizza Artista they will write your name on a paper and slide you down the assembly line of toppings. The big difference at Blaze is that all those extra toppings don't cost extra. That's a big deal.

There are 3 crusts. Original is what we had. The high rise is what we'll try next time. And gluten free is available for those who need it! 

There are too many toppings to mention, but I will say you should add the sea salt and oregano at the end.

Then your pie heads to the giant flaming oven for 180 seconds. I know. It's really 3 minutes. But 180 seconds just sounds faster!

The White Top

They have Blood Orange Lemonade which was a little tart and a lot delicious. 

The S'mores pie was a nice treat to end the meal. I'd eat it again. 

I think you'll enjoy Blaze Pizza if you give it a shot. It will take you longer to fight the traffic in the new shopping center than it will for your pizza to cook. In and out in no time with yummy food at a reasonable price with a kind staff. Even though it's a chain it just might make it in Lafayette.

Amanda Arceneaux


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